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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The moral of Nantuckit

There once was a man from nantuckit, he sat around all day. Waiting for people to bring him food. On the 7th day no one brought him any. This made him very sad. He went looking for food, but because he never got it for himself before, he didn't know where they kept the food. He went looking for about 3 hours. He eventually got to Figgleblarp manor, like all hungry stupid people do. Figgleblarp manor is a scary place. It's filled with about 800 Justin Bieber robots, and has the Disney channel on full volume 24/7. The man from nantukit was lured to the figgleblarps place because he was a homosexual and liked the Disney channel. He planned to do non-specific things to all those robots. As he got to the front gate, there was a little talk box thing. You know, like at McDonalds. He pushed the button and said "let me in! I like the Disney channel! Also I'm homosex." after a few seconds of waiting for a reply, he heard this, "...son, I am disappoint." this made the man from nantukit very sad, he didnt like being rejected. So he went to the middle of town and an heroed. It spattered every where. All over the Starbucks, even into a little girls mouth. I guess what I'm trying to tell you is, if you are gay and like the Disney channel, don't an hero in public to somewhere privit and bad ass so when the cops find your body, they says things like "woah he must be awesome" and " dada, I wanna be like him when I grow up!"


  1. I went to Figglebarp manor once as a kid, years back with my folks. Strange place, should dig up the old photos. I recall my brother saying he saw ghosts in the windows? He was only 4 so no one believed him. Weird, eh.

  2. Wtf did I just read? Either you're nuts or an upcoming literary genius.

    Either way I lol'd hard at "even into a little girl's mouth"

  3. I just write down what ever come to mind