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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Its time to dust of the old keyboard and get a writin'!

There was this guy. He was a very happy man. He was the offspring of Morgan Freeman. He was a demi-god. One day he decided that he wanted to get a Safe-way gift card, so he want to get one. It was a very difficult trip. He got in his chariot and headed towards Main Street. His zebras weren't exactly behaving. The zebras thought it would be funny to replace all the wheels with "The Bucket List" on DVD. (Oh god, this is already getting boring. The writing and such.) When he finally got to Safe-way, the government had launched an atom bomb at China. They over shot the location and accidentally hit their very own USA. (The guy), being a demi-god, did not die from the atom bomb. He was all alone. His father wasn't with him. He was busy being god of everything, even Chuck Norris. The descendant of Morgan Freeman lived out his nights in the local Costco, trying to defend himself against the zombie hoards. During the day he would go out, making sure it was high noon, and work on his rocket ship. he eventually got the rocket ready, all he needed was rocket fuel. Good thing Costco stocks rocket fuel in 11235813213455144 gallon packs. The man rocketed through the atmosphere at .000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 under the speed of sound. He went straight past Jupiter and crashed on Neptune... (I am done for now, sooooooo bored)

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  1. Fibonacci numbers... I see what you did there