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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This a little info about the story:
Protagonist: JD (yes named after scrubs)
Girl protagonist: Sally Protel
Secret organization leader: Gary Yixle
Antagonist: Carl Ralfman
Right hand man of Carl (leader of the goons): Ned Gilf
Whorish evil woman: Sanova Scort

JD was sitting alone in his house, playing N64. He had almost beaten Golden Eye. JD heard his phone ring from upstairs. He had the tetris theme song as his ringer. He ran upstairs to get it, only to be seconds late. Then, the message started, it went a little something like this,
"...JD, it's me, Gary. I just got word that Carl has sent one of his henchmen over to 'take care of you'. I would be preparedto fight."...CLICK. JD ram as fast as he could down the hall twords his weapon room, almost knocking down his pet bronze fish. He caught the fish just in time, set it carfuly back, and was on his way. He grabbed his throwing stars and hid in the corner to ambush his prey. As he was waiting there we wondered if the world was really going to end in 2012. But he didn't have time to think about that right now, his mind wanted to think about ancient aliens. If they weren't real, how the hell did the pyramid get built? There is no possible way those people could build it, I don't care how many slaves they had. ...I'm kind of rambling now, maybe it's a good time to cut it off. Check back in two days to find out what happens!!!!!!!!